Founders’ Letter

Why are we so invested in Montessori?

Children love to learn. It’s a beautiful fact and one worth protecting.

As we watched our own children grow and develop, we marveled at their persistent curiosity and inquisitiveness.

We wanted to do everything we could to nurture and develop this spark, so the Montessori Method of Education was a natural fit.

Montessori is the only educational philosophy designed to both nurture children’s natural curiosity as well as challenge them academically.

In fact, it challenges them academically by nurturing their natural curiosity. That’s the magic of Montessori!

As we watched the effect Montessori had on our own children’s growth and development, we decided we wanted to help provide this gift of experiential learning to as many families in our community as possible. And thus, after a lot of research and even more work, Valley Montessori Academy was born in 2016.

We are both originally from Europe and have a global perspective when it comes to issues of civil and political conflict. We believe peace can only be achieved through a foundation of learning based on mindfulness, compassion, and intercultural education.

Our journey with Montessori began five years ago out of a simple desire to foster our children’s natural love of learning.

Now, we are thrilled to be expanding our journey by bringing this research-driven, holistic educational philosophy to your family here in Kern County.

Welcome to Valley Montessori Academy in Bakersfield!

– Anna Dulcich and Oxana Raimondo

Our Affiliations

American Montessori Society

Our teachers are trained and certified by AMS

Positive Discipline Association

Our teachers are trained and certified by the Positive Discipline Association

California Department of Social Services

The Early Childhood Program is fully licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services.

California Department of Education

The Elementary Program is registered with the State of California Department of Education with a Private School Affidavit.