Lower Elementary

Thank you for your interest in Valley Montessori Academy Elementary Program!

As at all Montessori levels, the Elementary program is based on the belief that children learn best through movement and work with their hands, and provides cognitive, social, and emotional support to help them reach their full potential.

Children who are new to Montessori quickly feel at home with the inspired teaching that appeals to their deepest interests, and with the distinctive, hands-on learning materials that teachers introduce sequentially according to the students’ developmental needs. For students who have completed Montessori Early Childhood programs, the environment offers continuity with familiar routines and learning materials that offer new lessons and opportunities for more complex exploration and discovery.

Multi-age groupings of children ages 6 – 9 provide a heterogeneous mix in which children can collaborate and socialize. These inter-age relationships strengthen the entire community.

Teachers guide children through a rigorous curriculum individually tailored to their own interests, needs, and abilities. Teachers monitor progress against established benchmarks and expectations for student learning, including: academic preparedness, independence, confidence, autonomy, intrinsic motivation, social responsibility, and global citizenship.

Teachers introduce materials to students according to their level of development and readiness. Students then work with the materials to make exciting discoveries—such as why, when dividing fractions, we invert and multiply. Inherent in the use of Montessori materials is the understanding of the power of discovering answers on one’s own.


Join us for a tour to see our beautiful Elementary Montessori classroom and playground. Our tours are in the morning so you can see our authentic Montessori program in action as the children work in their classroom. We will also share information on the enrollment process and what you can do to plan.

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