Valley Montessori Academy (VMA) is committed to promoting the intellectual, emotional and physical development of the whole child, according to the educational philosophy developed by Maria Montessori and guided by the principals of the American Montessori Association (AMS).

From the moment we walked through the doors at VMA we have felt welcome. Our daughter has grown immensely from the curriculum and loves going to school! We are so thankful that the Montessori method is being offered in such a beautiful classroom space. The administrators are first class individuals and the teachers want every child to grow and succeed. We feel so lucky to be the part of VMA!

Alissa S.

Primary Parent, 2020

VMA is incredible and I highly recommend. All the staff there is wonderful, and most of all my children love it! I love the Montessori approach and wouldn’t send my kids to any other preschool in Bakersfield.

Nicole L.

Primary Parent, 2019

We’ve tried many preschools in Bakersfield. VMA is by far the best!! The space is nice, clean and full of natural sunlight. The teachers are caring and amazing in every way. They teach about the World around us, practical living skills, cooking, etc. And we love that they teach music and Spanish regularly ♥ Lovely and such a safe environment that my little boy loves!!

Ipek A.

Primary Parent, 2019

Our son was one of the first students here and we are so happy we found VMA for him to attend preschool. He has developed a love for letters, languages, yoga and so much more thanks to the teaching and nurturing he gets from VMA. It is a multicultural center of expression, mindfulness, patience, and love. We highly recommend this school for families looking for a safe and productive environment to foster your young child’s mind.

Maya H.

Primary Parent, 2018

If you already know about Montessori method and want it for your child, this is a no-brainer, you won’t find a better Montessori school in town. Their rooms are full of natural light, clean, shiny, full of neatly organized materials, everything you’d come to expect from a newly opened Montessori paradise. Their teacher is certified, experienced and just amazing. If you’re not sure why Montessori is better than a traditional preschool, do some research on the benefits of Montessori education. Montessori kids have better social skills, creativity and independence, as well as math and reading abilities. My daughter goes there from the day they opened and I notice how much more independent and confident she becomes each day. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that it may not work for every child, since some kids don’t like to follow directions but it’s definitely worth a try. Also, they have a great outdoor area with sand and a water station. Absolutely great!

Nadya C.

Primary Parent, 2018